Following Accident, Brady Skips Hospital Visit to Avoid Being Sent Home By Belichick

Everyone remembers what happened to the likes of Adalius Thomas and Randy Moss after they were late in getting to the stadium last season. At the time they battled blizzard like conditions which caused traffic so bad they couldn’t get to the stadium on time, and as a result they were sent home by head coach Bill Belichick.

So does Tom Brady, and he wasn’t taking any chances despite being involved in what witnesses described as a “high impact” crash on Thursday morning. After a red minivan ran a red light and caused the collision, Brady said he immediately grabbed his cell phone and called someone to come and pick him up.

“There was no way I was going to be late,” said Brady, who wasn’t hurt but was reportedly “shaken up” after the incident. “Coach doesn’t tolerate guys being late, and there’s no way I was going to take a chance on being sent home today. I mean we play the Bengals on Sunday.”

“There was no way I was going to be late.” – QB Tom Brady following his accident on Thursday.

Rather than be taken to the hospital, Brady instead opted to be checked out by the team doctors. Again, his focus was to be on time, and he didn’t feel confident that would happen had he been taken to the hospital.

“You know how it is anytime you go to the emergency room,” said Brady. “You go and you wait, and once you get in to be examined you still end up waiting. Then I would have been really late, and coach tends to get pretty upset if you’re not early let alone hours late. I can only imagine what he would have been like had I wasted a morning at the hospital.”

Back-up quarterback Brian Hoyer heard news of the accident and was initially concerned for his teammate, but once he learned that Brady was O.K., his focus turned to watching the clock – as it appeared he was about to have his chance to potentially start and play against the Bengals this weekend.

“Coach won’t play you if you’re not on time, and it’s my job to be ready when the opportunity comes,” said a clearly disappointed Hoyer. “Unfortunately Tom made it in just in time, but hopefully he’ll put up a big game against somebody and I’ll get a chance to play before the season is over.”

Meanwhile Belichick met with the media Thursday morning and told them that he was pleased with the dedication his quarterback showed to his football team.

“Tom’s a professional,” said Belichick. “Obviously a car accident is a serious thing, but all players get bumps and bruises from time to time, and since Tom doesn’t seem to have any there would have been no real reason for him to not be here. It just goes to show you the type of leader he is, and this is yet another reason I’m glad he’s part of this football team.”

For now the Patriots signal caller plans to practice and continue getting ready for Sunday’s game. He was fortunate to escape injury, but more importantly he’s just glad that the accident didn’t keep him from getting to work, because as he points out – he didn’t have a car to get home.

“That would have sucked,” said Brady on what he would have done had Belichick sent him home. “It’s tough to be sent home without a vehicle to get there. I’m just glad I’m here and am just focused on getting ready for Cincinnati.”

This article is satire and intended for entertainment purposes only.

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